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UK birds threatened by climate change

Some UK bird species will be lost entirely by the end of the century, experts say.

Birdsong can sometimes blend into the noises of everyday life, but soon some species may be silenced forever by climate change.

Julian Hughes, Head of Species at RSPB Cymru said: “We will lose a lot of nature very quickly. I am shocked and actually quite scared at the speed at which we are losing species.”

“It is hard to think of any species that is not going to be affected by climate change, most species are a

Wildlife at risk from groundwork at Grangemoor Park

Natural Resources Wales advised council about removing habitat of nesting birds and slow worms

NESTING birds and slow worms in Grangemoor park are at risk because of work being carried out to prevent leaks from the old landfill site.

A Freedom of Information request by The Cardiffian revealed that the groundwork needed to stop the toxic leakage from the old landfill beneath the park could jeopardise the safety of nesting birds and slow worms.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, all r

Almost £300,000 spent but leak continues to pollute River Ely and Cardiff Bay

Grangemoor Park is closed for 12 weeks to enable more work to be carried out

ALMOST £300,000 has been spent by Cardiff Council to find and fix a landfill leak which is polluting the River Ely and Cardiff Bay.

The amount spent was revealed in a Freedom of Information request submitted by The Cardiffian , which also acknowledged that the leak still hasn’t stopped.

The landfill on Ferry Road beneath Grangemoor Park has been leaking into the River Ely and Cardiff Bay since at least 2017, and resi

Rare breed Facebook page helps owner and pet dog flee Ukraine but they still can't enter the UK

A UKRAINIAN refugee and her dog - offered sanctuary in Wales thanks to a Facebook group for owners of a rare breed – are still waiting for permission to enter the UK.

Olga Yakovleva has already been waiting for more than two weeks to hear the outcome of her visa application despite being sponsored by a Welsh couple.

The 57-year-old's escape from Kharkiv, in north eastern Ukraine, with her dog Colet had been orchestrated by an international Facebook page for owners of the Vizsla breed in March

'This isn't paradise': The reality of the housing crisis in picture postcard Wales

THE Welsh housing crisis has reached boiling point, according to those at the sharp end and unable even to rent a home in the areas where they have grown up.

Campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith says the crisis has been in full swing for decades and The National has spoken with people who are now finding caravans are the only affordable form of accommodation available to them as demand for holidays homes is forcing evictions and even people to become homeless.

Recent statistics from government b

Cornish call for devolved powers like Wales amid second homes crisis

The lucrative business of second homes and holiday lets have transformed areas like Cornwall into hollowed out shells for tourist enjoyment.

The impacts of property becoming an investment rather than a home has far reaching affects and has left many homeless as they are evicted to make way for more lucrative letting.

“I look out of my window, and I can count four or five homes which are empty," says Joe Hunter of Fowey, who works as a bar manager. "They will have people in next week because of

'It feels slightly hollow when I say I am Cornish. What does that really mean now?'

I grew up on the south-east coast of Cornwall with the sea and moorlands as my playground but when I call myself Cornish, the English laugh and the Cornish begin to quiz me on the hospital I was born in.

When speaking to my Dad about this he said: “You only went over the bridge to be born, and then you came back again. No other hospitals on this side of Cornwall had a maternity department.”

I was born in Derriford hospital over the bridge in Plymouth – but so was everyone in my area. Due to th

The UK has lost 90% of carbon-storing seagrass meadows

When you think of the sea bed you may picture sand and rocks, perhaps some seaweed or some fish - but do you think of seagrass meadows? The answer is probably no. It is not surprising, as scientists say that the UK has lost 90% of its seagrass meadows.

When you think of the sea bed you may picture sand and rocks, perhaps some seaweed or some fish – but do you think of seagrass meadows? The answer is probably no. It is not surprising, as scientists say that the UK has lost 90% of its seagrass me

Tequila plant may be future food source through alternative photosynthesis

Tequila plant, agave, may hold secrets to feeding the growing population of the future due to an alternative method of photosynthesis, CAM.

The tequila plant, agave, is part of a global agricultural revolution. It may hold the secrets to feeding the planet’s 3 billion people in the midst of a climate emergency.

Agave uses a highly efficient version of photosynthesis called Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) meaning it can grow in dry locations, a feature that will become increasingly important

Cardiff resident wants to create mobile foodbank for the city

Woman still needs more than £15,000 to convert a London Bus she has bought

A CARDIFF woman raising money to convert a London bus into a mobile food bank, café and advice centre.

Nicola Williams, of Caerau, bought a London bus in December with the aim of converting it into the first UK mobile food bank.

Ms Williams started feeding the homeless when she was working at the Huggard Centre in Cardiff six years ago. After finding that she had surplus food from doing FareShare collections, she decid